Monday, May 01, 2006

It's nice to be employed

Well, here it is May 1st. I was almost out in the street marching with the illegal immigrants today. Not becuase I am an illegal, but becuase I almost didn't have a job. Long story, here it comes....

September 2005, I left a job after 7 months for one that paid better and has actually in my field. The selling point for the job was that there was a 1- year "Feasibility Study" period and then a 3-year "Test and Evaluation" period. Well, come this past February, we found out that the 3-year period (which had originally been slated to be conducted in the local area) was moving to a location 2+ hours from home.

In March, the conversation went something like this--

Company: Your position is moving.

Jim: Well, I ain't moving.

Company: Well, we need you to move.

Jim: I'm sorry, but I ain't moving.

Company: Well, what about moving there temporarily for 6 months.

Jim: Are you freakin' crazy?

Company: Okay how about doing a geo-bachelor arrangement where you live up there during the week and go back home on weekends, starting April 1st?

Jim: For how long? I get custody of my kids the first of June.

Company: Six months.

Jim: (dumbfounded stare)

Company: Okay how about 2 months.

Jim: And what about after the 2 months?

Company: Well, we don't really have anything open for you on the horizon, but we can work something out.

Jim: And how much am I going to be compensated for this living away from my family during the week?

Company: Well, we will pay your actual living expenses (food and hotel).

Jim: That's it?

Company: Well, find the average cost per hotel in the area and we will pay you that amount.

Jim: (Thinking...well it is a military area and the average will be the local per diem rate...I can get a hotel for a lot cheaper than that.) Okay.

So...April 1 rolls around. They aren't ready for us to move becuase there are contract negotiation issues. It is not until April 15th that we hear anything about the contract. start date is May 1. I remind them that my kids are coming June 1 so they will only get 1 month from me...And still no word on any other position for me. I make the arrangements for a hotel May 1 - May 4th (I plan on working 10-hour days and leaving there Thursday night). Friday April 28th I get an email that I am not to go to this other location on May 1st. But that is all the e-mail said. An hour later I get another e-mail saying that they "found" a position for me here, but the details are not arranged yet so on or about the first week of May, the position might be available. So basically on or about May 1st, I may or may not get paid? I got a call that afternoon telling me to show up Monday, and hopefully all will be worked out ove the weekend. I got no word of anything this weekend, so not knowing if I had a job or not, I got dressed and went in. I waited until about 8:30 before I got any official word...I am employed! And this time it is for 3 years and the position isn't moving anywhere!

And I was looking forward to the "No Gringo" Day.

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