Friday, January 05, 2007

Sucked in by another reality show

Okay, I know reality shows are some of the most mindless drivel on television these days. But I have found one that seems to distill the enjoyable quality that links all good reality shows...schadenfreude.

The show is "Beauty and the Geek" on the new CW channel, Wednesdays at 9PM. Simple premise - pair up beautiful yet vapid women (Hooters' chicks, beauty queens, etc.) with genius yet geeky men (a singer in a Star Wars band, Trekkers, MIT grads, etc.) and the winning team at the end wins $250,000. Each week the team faces 2 for the beauty (usually something requiring some sort of inteligence) and one for the geek (involving some sort of social interaction). Sterotypical, yes. Funny, hell yes!

Example - The beauties' task - find 3 books in the library using the Dewey Decimal System, inside which were the clues related to the geeks' tasks. I never thought I would enjoy watching the Dewey Decimal System make ditzy blondes cry. It was awesome. The geeks' then had go to a busy city street and accomplish tasks such as getting a woman to rub suntan lotion on their backs and getting the telephone # of a beautiful girl.

The team with the winning girl and the team with the winning guy each pick a team to eliminate. Those two teams go head-to-head in a question/answer segment, team answering the fewest questions correctly leaves. Girls have to answer questions related (loosely) to their challenge and likewise for the guys.

If you are looking for a show to either make you feel smart or make you feel socially adept (or both), check it least once.


Beav said...

What, no song request?

hee hee hee

Soo Mi said...

I watched an episode a season or two ago and nearly died laughing. The "beauty," a curvy black woman, was grilling her geek partner about his girlfriends. Of course, he'd never had a girlfriend. She said, "What? You never had any booty?"

"Booty? Sure. I find hidden treasure every time I game."

Unclear on the concept, he boldly sets forth and grills the other geeks. "Booty. How many kinds are there?"

Apparently, in the geeks-on-tv world, the only kind of booty to be found is shiny, has monetary value, and gains experience points to the finder.